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ລູກຫຼານຜູ້ນໍາລາວຄືຜູ້ ສືບທອດ ອໍານາດ ຜູກຂາດ

ເມື່ອ ເດືອນທີ່ແລ້ວ ຄນະຜູ້ນຳ ພັກ ປະຊາຊົນ ປະຕິວັດ ລາວ ແລະ

ສຳ​​ພາດ ທ່ານ​ໄຊ ອຸ​ດົມ​ປາ​ລະ​ມີ ກະເສດຕະກອນ ລາວ-ອາເມຣິກັນ ທີ່ລັດ ໂອກລາໂຮມາ

ທ່ານ​ຜູ້​ຟັງ​ທີ່​ເຄົາລົບ ລາຍການ​ຊີວິດ​ຊາວ​ລາວແລງ​ວັນ​ພະຫັດ ມື້​ນີ້ ​ເຮົາ​ຈະ​ນຳພາ​ທ່ານ​ໄປ​ຢ້ຽມຢາມ​ຖາມ​ຂ່າວ ທ່ານ​ໄຊ ອຸດົມ​ປາລະມີກະ​ເສດ​ຕະກອນ​ລາວ-ອາ​ເມຣິກັນ​ ​ເຈົ້າ​ຂອງ​ຟາ​ມລ້ຽງ​ງົວແລະລ້ຽງ​ໄກ່ ຢູ່​ທີ່​ລັດ Oklahoma ທາງພາກ​ກາງ ຕອນ​ໃຕ້ ຂອງ ສະຫະ​ລັດ. ຟາ​ມຂອງຄອບຄົວ​ຂອງ​ ອຸດົມ​ປາລະມີ ລ້ຽງໄກ່​ຫລາຍ​ໝື່ນ​ໂຕ ​ແລະລ້ຽງງົວ 50 ​ໂຕ ຊຶ່ງ​ຖື​ວ່າ​ເປັນທຸ​ລະ​ກິດ ​ລ້ຽງສັດຂະໜາດ​ນ້ອຍ.

Laos Freezes Salary Increase For Civil Servants

The cash-strapped government in Laos has imposed a freeze on salary increases for civil servants during the new fiscal year beginning October, reports say, as the country reels from shrinking revenues.

Some government workers said their morale has been dampened by the state media’s announcement of the freeze on July 31.

ກອງປະຊຸມ ສະພາສິດທິມະນຸດ ຊົນຊາວລາວ ໃນ ສະຫະລັດ

ສະບາຍດີທ່ານຜູ້ຟັງທີ່ເຄົາລົບ ລາຍການຊີວິດຊາວລາວ ໃນແລງ

China's EximBank Suspends Loans For Roads, Bridges in Laos

China's EximBank Suspends Loans For Roads, Bridges in Laos

Laos Warns Facebook Users Who Disrupt ‘Social Order, Undermine Security'

Authorities in Laos have warned Facebook users that their accounts will be blocked if they post information that “disrupt[s] social order and undermine[s] security.”


When the government rules the country with reckless abuse and disregard for its Constitution, the highest law it’s the land, fundamental human rights of the citizens are violated.  Therefore, people suffer and are withheld from the civil liberties and freedom, which stipulated in the clauses guaranteed by the Chart of the United Nations in 1948.

UN agency dismayed as Thailand deports Laotian refugee at risk of mistreatment

UN agency dismayed as Thailand deports Laotian refugee at risk of mistreatment

8 July 2014 – The United Nations refugee agency today spoke out against the deportation of a Laotian man from Thailand back to his homeland, where he could face harsh treatment amounting to persecution.

Laotian Human Rights Council Conference July 9, 2014

Public Attention:

Dear all,

On behalf of The Laotian Human Rights Council (LHRC), we respectfully invite you to the Lao Human Rights Conference, to speak out for and help the unfortunate people whose voices are being suppressed and therefore cannot speak up for themselves.

Thai Court Agrees to Hear Lawsuit over Controversial Xayaburi Dam in Laos

A top court in Thailand agreed on Tuesday to hear a lawsuit brought by villagers against the country’s decision to purchase power from the planned Xayaburi mega dam in neighboring Laos, which green groups say could threaten the region’s environment and food security.

Laos: Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

Laos is a source, and to a lesser extent, a transit and destination country for women, children, and men who are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor.

Laos “land grabs” drive subsistence farmers into deeper poverty

BAN HOUYTHAO, 22 May 2014 (IRIN) - "Land grabs" in Laos are driving poor farmers, including ethnic minorities, off their land, away from livelihoods they know and into further poverty, activists and experts say.

Aids to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

May 12, 2014  The Honorable Fumio Kishida
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan
c/o The Embassy of Japan at the United States of America
2520 Massachusetts Ave NW. Washington, DC 20008

European inspectors engage Laos on rights abuses

The Laos government has faced unprecedented scrutiny of its poor rights record, including the disappearance of activist Sombath Somphone and the detention of dozens of Christians, during a landmark meeting in Europe which ended in London on May 21.

Laos plane crash kills defence minister and senior officials

Douangchay Phichit, his wife and three others die after air force plane crashes in forest near airport in Xiangkhoung province

โศกนาฏกรรมเครื่องบินกองทัพอากาศ สปป.ลาว ตกแขวงเชียงขวาง เสียชีวิตหลายศพ

โศกนาฏกรรมเครื่องบินกองทัพอากาศ สปป.ลาว ตกแขวงเชียงขวาง เสียชีวิตหลายศพ

Lao Defense Chief Among Plane Crash Victims

Officials say a Lao military plane carrying about 20 people including high-ranking officials crashed early Saturday in the northern part of Laos.

Lao defense chief, 4 others killed in plane crash

BANGKOK — A Lao air force plane carrying senior government officials crashed Saturday, killing at least five people on board, including the country's defense minister, Thai officials said.